Prepping Done Right – Best Canned Foods to Add to Your Survival Kits

By What is Prepping Blog

Canned food remains to be the top option when it comes to long-term food storage. Canned foods are easy to store, widely available, typically cheap, and have a long shelf life. You can also choose from different varieties that allow you to find the ideal canned food for you and your whole family according to your taste and nutritional value preferences. 

Vacuum seals, dryers, and dehydrators are good for food storage yet canned foods you can buy from stores have one thing in common – they are very simple. If you are serious about prepping, one of the best ways to start your food storage plan is to buy several extra canned goods every time you go grocery shopping. This method known as back stocking will help you create your initial food storage supply. When you purchased additional bulk goods, later on, your initial supply will add nutritional value and variety to your prepping kit. 

Here are some of the best canned foods you should definitely buy on your next trip to the grocery store:


Corn goes really well with all kinds of meals. Most children love it and this is also the easiest way of adding a vegetable to a meal. 

Diced tomatoes 

You can use diced tomatoes for preparing salsa. This canned food is easy to back stock in your pantry as this is versatile, widely available, and very cheap.

Baked beans 

Bean and rice are often stored dry and there is no need to can them. However, baked beans are too good to miss out. These can add the much-needed variety to the usual food stash and are also typically a family favorite. 

Green beans 

Long-time canned staple, green beans are a must-have in any prepping kit. While homesteaders prefer to grow and can their own, buying these from the local grocery store is easier and quicker. 

Tuna in oil 

Many people prefer tuna in water. However, during an emergency situation, the calorie content is always king. Unlike water, oil can add valuable calories. Just remember to stash the right amount to avoid mercury-related problems later on. 

Roast beef 

A protein powerhouse, canned roast beef is the best emergency entrée. All you need to do is heat it and you are good to go. 

Chili with beans 

Chili is among the feel-good foods that are also perfect for emergency situations. This is why it is not a big surprise that this is one of the top favorite inclusions in prepping kits. Good thing that this is now available in a can and is very cheap at the same time. 

Beef stew 

Beef stew is just like canned roast beef but this is a bit more versatile. You only have to add other ingredients to the stew for every meal with the use of the same building blocks. 

Hormel Spam 

Who can forget and resist the good old spam. Shoulder of Pork and Ham is as versatile as it can get as far as canned meat is concerned. This is a food staple storage for a very long time and it deserves a spot on any prepping kit.