Why Weeds Are The Winner

You’ve probably heard of the great television show that is aired on Showtime called “Weeds”. Recently this show has been given the opportunity to begin recording their third season so that all the fans of this fabulous show can continue watching. 

At the end of season two thousands of people watch the final episode causing the television ratings to skyrocket compared to the results that the show got throughout it’s first and second season airing on Showtime. 

When you first begin watching this show be prepared to be shocked about the concept behind the whole show. “Weeds” is about a mother that is dealing pot to the locals who has led a very complicated lifestyle in the suburban area. It is a true comedy from the minute it starts to the minute it ends, but it can be quite conflicting with the content to some so if you decide to watch this show keep in mind that is has some very rugged plots. 

This show actually represents a lot of lifestyles that many people have and it can open the eyes of many when they first begin watching. If you haven’t watched “Weeds” from the first season on you should. This show has gone above and beyond at giving a different view of life to the realest possible measures. You thought you had an amusing life, then watch “Weeds” and you’ll think differently.

The show has become known as a superb comedy, but that is not all that it is. This show can be very eye opening for many viewers as to how many people actually live and survive throughout the difficult times of life, and being a mother can be one of the most complicated jobs anyone could have. Stop thinking that your life is the hardest lived as clearly by watching “Weeds” you’ll quickly discover it is not. People struggle every single day to put food on the table, and as the mother of “Weeds” has done she’s resorted to selling pot to make ends meat like many million people do each and every year. 

With Showtime requesting a third season from the producers of “Weeds” you are bound to get more and more out of this show then any other you’ve ever watched. Actually watch a show that not only shows you what real life for many is like, but be amused while watching. 

There is much behind the plot of this astounding show and it will be amazing to see what the producers can come up with next. The possibilities are endless when you enter the grounds of showing real life occurrences on the television screen, and Showtime is prepared to continue showing “Weeds” to the many viewers that have fallen in love with this show over the past two seasons.